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Horsens - everything within reach

Great nature sites with biking and trekking routes. A beach and coastal activities. An urban style city centre where people shop, go to cafés and restaurants or spend time relaxing in Horsens’ parks and recreational areas.

Horsens – geared for growth

Horsens is experiencing a massive growth in population, business startups and international students. We are one of the fastest growing regions in Denmark and we have room for even more.

Progress and development require planning – so we are constantly thinking ahead and making clever decisions on such pp as urban spacing, childcare, education, housing, work places and infrastructure. We want to ensure that Horsens remains a great hometown to an increasing number of residents and a preferred partner to the business sector. 

More than 10,000 successful companies entail a continued and growing need for staff and the great number of aspiring startups ensure that Horsens is at the forefront of innovation and new approaches.

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Do you have any questions?

Mette Munk Lauritsen
Settling guide in
Horsens Municipality

Phone: + 45 76 29 20 43 
or + 45 30 10 91 67